River Site Readings (RSR) is an artists’ research collaborative and nexus interested in the Savannah River Site and the Department of Energy-contracted management company, Savannah River Nuclear Solutions, LLC. RSR engages tactical public history, speculative fiction, and counter-fact with regard to local impacts of globalization, civic pedagogical imperatives, and collective poetics.


Our work spirals in/out from the aesthetic, ecological, and temporal implications of SRS (Aiken, SC, USA), a largely hidden node in the American nuclear project, where 40% of the world's Cold War plutonium was produced. 


Current lines of inquiry:


- geological time

- re-framing closeness and distance

-mutant ecologies

- false/dichotomies between micro and macro

- transnational eclipsing Cold War power blocs

- resolution failures

- planetary scale

- quantum physics

- energy transitions 

- limits of wholly crystalized structures

- material and durational entaglements

- internal territorial colonization

- geographies of extraction

- porosity and alchemy